Friday, April 22, 2011

Truffles and Ruffles

Tiffany Blue Ruffle Cake with Anemone
This one is fudgey chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling
and chocolate buttercream covered with
homemade marshmellow fondant.

Anemone flower is made from gumpaste.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Baby Shower Cakes and Cupcakes

This cake was designed to match the invitations

Here is the invitation that the cake was designed to match.

I love this little guy! He is too cute!

Precious Pink Baby Shower
with handmade fondant baby booties, fondant bow, and daisy accents. 

Hot Pink and Black Cupcake Tower
This is one of my favorites! The Mommy-to-be is completely made of fondant!
 She comes complete with diaperbag and Teddy Bear!

Stacked Packages
This is a classic, versatile style. Colors can be changed to match any decor or holiday.

Special Cupcakes for Baby "H"
Soo Cute!

Pink and Green Polka Dots
Great for any occasion!

"King of the Jungle"
Lion is hand-cut from fondant with fondant lettering.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Elegance for any Occasion

Truffles and Ruffles
Truffle filled chocolate cake covered in chocolate buttercream.

"African Violets in Flowerpot"

Elegant Cupcakes
Perfect for all occasions.

Darling Daisies, Black and white chic theme

Tiny Rosebuds are whimsical and beautiful at the same time.

Sports Cakes

"Detroit Tigers Birthday"

"True Blue UK Fan"
"Steelers Superbowl Birthday"

"Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader"
Another Steelers Birthday

Disney Themed Cakes

"Mickey Mouse and Friends 1st Birthday"
Photo courtesy of "Holly Lane Photography", Campbellsville, Ky. She does an AWESOME job!

Matching Mickey Cupcakes

"Toy Story 2nd Birthday"

Close-up of the fondant "boards"  and "Etch-i-sketch"

"Callin' all Cowgirls, Jessie Cake"

April 2011 Cakes

Truffles and Ruffles
Chocolate cake with truffle filling, covered in chocolate buttercream
and then covered with marshmellow fondant ruffles.

Detroit Tigers Lady Birthday
Almond white cake with white buttercream filling.

A Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 2nd Birthday Theme. This cake was inspired by several designs that I found a various websites online. The characters are not edible, but all other decor is made from fondant.
"King of the Jungle" Baby Shower Theme
Designed to match the plates, this cake is all white with all vanilla buttercream and fondant accents.
The lion was handmade to match the decor exactly.

"Steelers Sweet 16"
The helmet was handcrafted and covered in black fondant. All emblems were hand-cut also.
"Black Tie Guy's 40th Birthday"

"Salute to a Solider"
This was a special cake made for a solider who will be restationed in Texas, and is a huge Longhorns fan. He also has a passion for his brand new Ford Mustang. The beret is made from white cake and covered in fondant. I hand-cut each piece of the security forces patch, I think it turned out way cool ;)

"Gibson SG" Electric Guitar
Modeled after the "real deal". Covered in fondant with all fondant accents.

From the beginning...til now.

For as long as I can remember, I have always LOVED cake! All kinds of cake! I can remember going to events and birthday parties as a child and thinking to myself, "gosh, I wish we could just eat the cake already"! I have always had a special sweet tooth for white cake with white buttercream icing. You know, the traditional wedding or birthday staple. My mom would always make sure that I had some of my favorite every year for my birthday.

Now, as an adult, I get to share my love of cake with the ones around me. My interest in craftiness and desire to be artistic has lead me to a deep-rooted new business venture, Cakes by Camille. Derived from my middle name, Cakes by Camille came about in January of 2011. After making a few cakes for my family and having a blast doing it, I realized that I had a true nack for cake decorating. I thoroughly enjoy each step of the cake making process but the final decorating is my favorite part. Once I start thinking about a design it somehow seems to take over my mind and I go into a virtual "cake coma" until I bring the design to reality.

If I can help you bring a cake idea to life, please contact me to set up a cake order! I would love to share a piece of cake with you!